Welcome to a place where beauty is one of our passions.  A place where creativity meets inspiration and talent.  A place where we love cosmetics as much as you do and realize that each item in a collection has its story, its journey, its unique magic when we apply it on our face, spray it on our body, feel it in our hair, fall in love with its fragrance and explore what it is to be beautiful. A place where the CEO is as down-to-earth as the person packaging your masterpiece.  A place where the impossible can be potentially, quite possible.  A house of color painted boldly, in sync with trends and what it is to artfully exhale glamour.  How can we help you paint your canvas?


Servicing the natural trade and mainstream colored cosmetic categories since the latter portion of 2014. 
Color, like no other. Where Fine Art meets Cosmetic Science and Haute Couture.